Evening Art Talks

Sit back and relax in the comfort of Cohort’s lounge area and let Nicky and her slideshow guide your students around St Ives and its fascinating, artistic history.

If you don’t have time for the walk around town or you’re looking for an evening activity you can choose to have the slideshow instead…or as well as! From either of the tours on offer you can opt for Walk Amongst Artistsor Barbara Hepworth. Bronze, Marble, Stone; The Life and Loves of a Sculptor as a talk.

If you prefer to focus on a specific artist, for example: Alfred Wallis, Terry Frost, Bryan Pearce, Wilhelmina Barns Graham, etc, please talk to Nicky and she will do her best to accommodate that focus.

Student participation is encouraged during the slideshow, what do they think about the artists in St Ives? And why this town?

Duration: 60minutes. No maximum group size.


nicky@stivesarttours.com (www.stivesartoturs.com)