Self-Led Residentials

“We were amazed by the building and how lovely staff were. How relaxed and friendly the whole thing was made the kids relaxed and friendly.”

Katie Brent, Beaminster School

Cohort leads the way for supported, self-led residentials in St Ives, Cornwall.

Situated in the centre of St Ives, walking distance from everywhere you would want to be. Safe and secure with superb facilities for both students and staff.

We have been working with educational establishments since 2015 and our experienced team will support you throughout the planning stages. We will work with you to deliver transformative experiences for your students.

We work with you

From KS1 to Further Education and everything in between

Cohort specialises in trip accommodation for all educational establishments; whether you’re a primary or secondary school, university or language school.

Cornwall is a great base for geography / geology trips, art students, those studying sustainability, heritage and English language. It’s also packed full of great activities for enrichment / activity weeks, outdoor pursuits and water sports.

St Ives is a unique location, not only with a great selection of activities to meet academic learning outcomes; it’s also an environment safe enough for younger students to build self-confidence as well as offering mental health benefits for all.

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What we offer

Leading the way in supported, self-led residentials

Cohort is an experienced, multi-award winning, accommodation provider with an LOTC Site Provider award. We offer the opportunity for schools to deliver transformative residential experiences supported by a team who can help with everything from meal planning to booking fantastic activities.

We have great facilities for schools with the flexibility to configure the hostel and catering options to suit any size group.

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Primary School Trips to St Ives

An amazing destination for younger students

St Ives is a phenomenal destination for primary schools; offering both safety and security as well as a great and wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

At Cohort we understand that primary school trip organisers have more to consider and it’s why we offer a free trip prior to booking so you have a chance to check out Cohort and St Ives.

We offer flexible packages from accommodation only to full board, supporting you both prior to the trip and on site during your stay.

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Winter Residentials

Inclusive, cheaper, quieter.

Winter residentials are cheaper and therefore more inclusive. Come to St Ives in the winter and benefit from a quieter town, Cohort to yourselves, more space, empty beaches and less stress for all concerned.

Going on a residential in the winter months gives students a passion for learning which can live on throughout the year. [Learning Away].

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