Cohort is such a welcoming establishment. The staff made us feel so comfortable, it was as if we owned the building and it was an extension of our college premises. Thank you so much for helping me organise a trip that staff and students adored!

Martin Smith The Sixth Form College, Colchester

Art & Photography

There's a reason St Ives entices artists from all over the world. Explore the huge variety of itinerary options on offer and immerse your students in this amazing town.

Geography & Geology

The unique geological and geographical characteristics of SW Cornwall offer students an incredibly stimulating and varied outdoor classroom.

Primary Schools

Cohort is perfect for primary groups. It's safe, secure and you can step out of our door into the middle of St Ives where there is tons to do for both KS1 and KS2 groups.

What We Offer

Cohort offers award winning accommodation in the centre of St Ives for all ages and sizes of educational groups; along with a superb support service for all your planning.

Winter Residentials

Winter residentials are more affordable and inclusive. St Ives has some of the warmest winters in Northern Europe and it's very special to be here at the quietest time of year.

Getting to St Ives

Getting to St Ives is easy, whether you're coming by plane, train, coach or minibus. Cohort is situated in the centre of town, walking distance from everywhere you'd want to be.