A Walk Amongst Artists

A fantastic way to get your bearings when you arrive in St Ives: Take a walk around town with Nicky who will talk about St Ives as a community for artists from the early 1900’s through to the modernists including Barbara Hepworth, Terry Frost, Alfred Wallis, Patrick Heron and many more.

Visiting galleries along the way Nicky will talk about the artists who live and work in St Ives today keeping the town alive as a creative hub for artists and visitors alike. This activity is also available as an evening talk on site at Cohort.

Nicky lives and works in St Ives and her background is in Fine Art and Art History. She has spent many years studying and researching art and artists.

Duration: 90minutes. Max group size: 40.

£200/group. 5% discount for groups of less than 20 students.

nicky@stivesarttours.com (www.stivesartoturs.com)