St Ives Art Exploration Day

Explore creativity with artist educator, Greg Humphries.

Let Greg take you on an immersive art journey through St Ives for the day. Pick two workshops from everything he offers (excl. Paints & Pigments) and he will weave them together with a mini workshop incorporating your preferred theme or focus.

Ideal for groups looking for an immersive day in St Ives and those looking to take full advantage of Greg’s incredible knowledge, enthusiasm and practices.

Group size max: 25 students (if including Tate and/or Hepworth as limits are set by the sites). Larger groups can be accommodated by splitting into smaller groups and swapping them throughout the day. Ideal for GCSE and A level groups but can be adapted for KS3.

Time: 10am – 4pm.

£390/day (5% discount for groups under 20)