Oliver West

Oliver has been offering Printmaking workshops in Cornwall since 1995. His interest in making etchings directly in the landscape drew him into unique methods of making prints without having to leave his favourite environment, the great outdoors! With the use of his mobile printmaking studio Oliver has worked with numerous school groups over the years, enabling students of all ages to experience the thrill of proofing prints in situ. He loves to encourage a more intuitive response to landscape, which promotes a rich experience of being in this beautiful part of the world.

Visit his websites HERE (printmaking) and HERE (monoprinting)

As a visual thinking specialist, Oliver can also offer aspects of the Footnotes Visual Program as a further way of enabling all kinds of thinking styles to respond to environments in their own unique way.

£20-39/student depending on activity; see individual listings for details

Call Oliver on 07773 521820 or email oliver@oliverwest.net