Melodies of Cornwall

Join singer songwriter Nicole Tesseyman for a fabulous musical session on site at Cohort.

Nicole will sing and play some of her own, St Ives/Cornwall-inspired songs and sea shantys explaining the meaning behind them and how she came to write them. She will then teach the group a couple of Cornish songs to sing together; finally leading the group to write their own Sea Shanty.

This will encourage them to reflect on what they have learned about St Ives, build new creative skills, gain in confidence and – more importantly – have fun with music.

Great for all ages and a perfect take away from any trip to St Ives. Sessions last between 90 – 120 minutes depending on the size of the group.

£150 for groups of 30 students or less; £180 for groups of 31 students or more (staff excluded)

Contact Nicole on or call on 07791 678571