Geevor Tin Mine

Situated on the stunning Cornish coastline around Pendeen, Geevor Tin Mine gives your students the opportunity to visit a real mine and learn what life was like for a Cornish Miner.

A typical day includes hand-drilling and rock-crushing sessions, a tour of the processing mill, an underground tour of the mine, panning for minerals – as well as your selection from one of their workshops:

The KS2 Hard Rock Challenge workshop focuses on the properties of rocks and their formation as metamorphic, sedimentary or igneous. This workshop explores how this affected the mining and separation processes used at Geevor Tin Mine.

The KS2 It’s a Hard Rock Life is a workshop that explores the lives of Cornish miners and Bal Maids. It provides a great living local history study and an in depth exploration of Cornwall and its culture that miners took with them throughout the world. These worldly travels led to the now famous expression ‘if there is a hole anywhere on Earth, you’re sure to find a Cornishman at the bottom of it.’

£5.85/student. Staff go free.